Friday Fact: There are 1,514 doors and 760 windows in Buckingham Palace.

Vanguard History

There are 1,514 doors and 760 windows in Buckingham Palace. With that many holes on your wall, air conditioning can get a little tricky.

There is a royally robust air conditioning equipment on the roof of the south-west wing of the palace. But how did it get up there?
First you have to decide if where do you want to set up your equipment. You can either do it from outside, blocking Palace Road and Buckingham Gate, but that would hardly be elegant, would it?
Or you can manoeuvre a really big crane through a really tiny arch (compared to the crane) to the inner courtyard and enable the free flow of traffic. We are no strangers to challenge at Vanguard, decision was quickly made. It required reduced tyre pressure and firm hands on the wheel, the GCI mobile tower crane started creeping through the arch really slowly and carefully. And really quietly, I might add, as Her Majesty was in residence. Turns out, it can squeeze through just fine.
With the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh watching from one of the windows, requesting regular updates, Vanguard has completed the job in a timely manner.
Never a dull moment in Vanguard`s history.