Space Guide

Here you will find our useful space calculator, which will aid you in finding the correct size of storage space you need.

Below you will also find vital information on the sizes of space we offer to help you make the right decision when choosing your storage space, as well as some useful hints & tips to keep in mind. Click on the different sizes of storage unit below to find out some more information.

10 sq ft

This is our smallest unit which we refer to as a locker. Lockers are ideal for storing a few boxes, suitcases or bags.

They are very popular with students for storage outside of term-time.

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10ft Unit

25 sq ft

This is our smallest storage room. It is suitable for small items of furniture and boxes.

Customers moving into this size of room might be using an estate car or small van to transport their goods.

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25ft Unit

40 sq ft

This room is suitable for small consignments of furniture and boxes, and might accommodate goods equivalent to a typical van such as the Ford Transit.

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40ft Unit

50 sq ft

This is one of our most popular sizes. Suitable for furniture and boxes, it has a capacity similar to that of a mid-sized van.

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50ft Unit

100 sq ft

This room is suitable for consignments of furniture and boxes that might be moved to store via a small truck. Often used as a room to store the contents of a flat or small house.

This size of room can also offer the convenience of “circulation space”, if you need a room that gives you space to add or subtract items during storage this is a good choice.

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100ft Unit

150 sq ft

This size of room is suitable for storage of consignments moved to store by truck and will normally accommodate the contents of a typical two or three bedroomed house.

This size of room will more often than not be found at ground floor level within our stores for additional ease of access.

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150ft Unit

Vanguard Packing, Storage Hints & Tips

Below you will find some very useful hints & tips to keep in mind when approaching self storage. If you do have any questions and would like more information please get in contact with us by phone or through the site because we are always happy to help when it comes to self storage.

Simply click on the titles below to expand and see the information.

  • Plan ahead. Contact Vanguard Self Storage to discuss your needs, reserve your room and to purchase and packing or protection products you require. Also plan for your transport arrangements.
  • Clean outside equipment prior to storing.
  • If you are storing anything with an engine, e.g. a mower, it must be drained of fuel.
  • Use Vanguard covers to protect your soft furnishings
  • Use Vanguard mattress bags. These are available in various sizes.
  • Remove cushions and other such loose items from furnishings and pack into cartons.

  • If you will be storing multiple items it makes sense to work to a logical method, for example packing up boxes from one room at a time.
  • It is important not to make cartons too heavy to lift and carry, a good rule of thumb is that each carton should be capable of being lifted by one person.
  • Use the Vanguard range of packing cartons to suit the items you will be packing mindful of the weight, so for example pack books into a small carton, crockery into a mid-size carton and duvets/pillows etc. into a large carton.
  • Follow the directions on the carton for the effective use of packing tape. Contrary to popular belief a cartons strength is not directly proportionate to the amount of tape you apply!
  • Pack cartons so that they are full, this will avoid the risk of crushing.
  • If you are packing a carton of mixed items, put the heavy things at the bottom and the lighter items towards the top. Pack cartons tightly so that is no room for things to move about.
  • If you are packing crockery and glassware plates are best wrapped and stacked in cartons on the edges and glasses are best wrapped and packed upright. Again, pack cartons tightly.
  • Books and CDs and DVDs are best packed flat. Take care not to pack up any fluids that might spill.
  • Perishable items, such as foodstuffs, are prohibited.
  • Remove batteries from electrical items such as children’s toys, remote controls and clocks etc.
  • Make an inventory of the items you intend to put into your Self Storage unit for your files and remember to mark up each carton as you go, you will be surprised how easy it is to forget what went into each one when you stack up multiple cartons that all look the same!
  • Use Vanguard bubble wrap at the bottom of the carton for protection. Wrap each item individually in Vanguard wrapping paper. For maximum protection use bubble wrap between layers.
  • Remove the light bulb from lamps. Separate lampshades from their lamp bases.
  • Clothing can be packed flat or use Vanguard wardrobe cartons if you want to keep things on hangers.

  • Plan your space. Put large items that you don’t need access to at the back of your unit. Put smaller items that you need to access frequently at the front of your unit.
  • Items can be stacked on top of each other. Keep heavy items to the bottom and lighter items on top. Vanguard cartons are ideal to have other items stacked upon them.
  • Remember that items dont need to be stacked the same way up as they would be for use in your home. Chairs can often be doubled by having one turned upside down on another. Sofas may be better placed on end or perhaps bridged across other items. Bikes are often easier to store upside down. It is advisable to place protective layers between items, particularly polished furniture. Vanguard can supply protective blankets which will assist you.
  • If you are planning to make frequent visits to/from your room then you may wish to stack the contents to provide you with internal handling space. If you visit frequency is likely to be infrequent, or not at all, then you will be better to fill all your room.
  • If in doubt we are always available to offer further advice.