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What is self storage?

Self storage is a system that people use to store their possessions. You can choose from almost any size of storage room. You bring your goods or possessions to the store, lock them in the room and come and go as you please during opening hours. You are the only key holder. Self storage offers commercial and domestic customers the space they need should there not be enough room currently or a place to securely hold goods whilst a building is vacant.

Why use self storage/why rent a storage unit?

People turn to self storage for a number of reasons including:

  • Moving homes
  • Separation
  • Downsizing
  • Out of term-time for university students
  • Relocating abroad
  • Travelling
  • Hobby/sporting equipment
  • Trade equipment for those self-employed (i.e. tools and machinery)

Commercial storage is used for:

  • File archives
  • Seasonal stock
  • Event equipment
  • Office furnishings
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