Aerial filming – the best of two worlds combined

What do you get when you grab 660 kilograms of metal, strap a pair of semi-rigid blades on the top and a delicate high-definition recording system on the bottom? That is right, the Robinson R44 Electronic News Gathering helicopter, or the R44 ENG for short.

FlyingTV operates the only purpose built aerial filming helicopters in the UK, and on the 21st of May, we have had the pleasure to have this unique piece of technology on our helipad.

The cutting-edge HDL-F30 camera mounting a Canon 44x superzoom lens sits in a heavily specialised, bespoke kit with one goal in mind: to keep the camera steady during flying conditions.

Taking a peek inside very much feels like taking a peek in TARDIS; surprisingly spacious interiors with lots of buttons you probably should not touch.

What they were filming, we are not able to discuss, but should you take a look at the FlyingTV website, you will find something really ballsy.

Here at Vanguard, we are always happy to offer our services.