Loading Solution at Swinton

A less-than-usual consignment for Vanguard Self Storage at Swinton recently. A customer needed to load two cars and other items into a forty-foot shipping container. The challenge, was how to get the cars loaded into a container that was six feet off the ground. How would you do that?

Customer services advisor, Tash (Stig) Ranjbar, was all for putting his car jumping skills to the test with a plan involving ramps, high-octane fuel, a long run up and a large degree of luck! The solution was much simpler, put the shipping container on the ground and drive the cars straight in.

The container was ordered on a skeletal trailer equipped with lifting arms. Vanguard has a large and secure yard and the container was lifted off the trailer and suitably positioned close to our covered loading bay. Over a couple of days other goods were loaded with the cars and once complete the container was lifted back onto it’s trailer for transport to the port and shipping.

The large secure yard at our Salford self-storage facility combined with the ease of access to the covered loading bay made the Manchester Vanguard site ideal for providing a safe, secure and efficient service and resulted in a very happy customer.