Mischief Night is upon us!

Soon we will have a very legitimate reason to ignore our diet and bury ourselves in bonfire toffee.
In the old days, the term treacle referred to a potion used by apothecaries, herbalists and benevolent witches to fight poison and snakebites. Treacle toffee or bonfire toffee is a term used by benevolent old ladies to fight your wasp-waisted figure. After black treacle prices rose above the price of sugar over the last century, this bitterly sweet piece of heaven has slowly disappeared from the everyday market; fortunately you can still find them during this time of year in your friendly local sweet shop. If you are lucky enough, you might even grab a large sheet in a proper shop where they break it up with a traditional toffee hammer.
Bonfire toffee is widely regarded as our traditional treat for Halloween and Bonfire Night. And there are some traditions that simply refuse to die out. What would this night be without a little mischief?
For some, Mischievous Night (Trick Night, Corn Night, Micky Night, the choice is yours) is the day before Halloween and for others, it is the 4th of November. The tradition is most significantly present in Yorkshire of course; Guy Fawkes was a York man after all. But London has a little bit of everything. You have to get prepared for Mischief Night.
You have time to act before your bike gets egged, your gate lifted or your postbox smeared with treacle.
Save your belongings.
Put them in storage!
With us. We promise to be nice.