5 Silly New Year`s Eve Traditions

Christmas is almost over, but if you think it is also the end of amusing traditions, you are fortunately mistaken. New Year`s Eve is right on our doorsteps.
Oh no, silliness does not end there.

In Hungary, for example, it is widely believed that animals can speak on New Year`s Eve. Some people of lesser imagination blame it on all the alcoholic beverages. The Timewheel is one of the world`s largest hourglasses with its sixty ton granite and steel structure. The hourglass runs out on New Year`s Eve, and is rotated for the new year. Also, you can find at least one TV channel that airs Bud Spencer – Terence Hill movies all day long. Because they are that good.

There is a wonderful Belarus tradition where they are peeking into the future, in order to predict who gets married next. Foretelling the future requires a qualified expert. Or in this case, a rooster. The single ladies sit down in a circle, place piles of dry corn in front of them, then waiting begins. When the suspense reaches its apex, the epitome of fortune-telling, a rooster gets released.

In Spain, when the clock strikes Midnight, you eat a grape each time the bell chimes. Each grape will lead to a fantastic month in the new year, and they also ward you against bad spirits. It originates from Puerta del Sol, the busiest place in Madrid. Some people eventually attempt to stuff all the grapes in their mouth at once – a rather amusing sight.

In Denmark, the front steps are becoming almost as dangerous as a kids playroom full of LEGO. On New Year`s Eve, Danes throw dishes at their friends front door as a sign of affection. So if you find a lot of broken glass and shards when you step outside, it means they really like you. It is also excellent to counter wannabe burglars.

In Belgrade, Serbia, there is a lovely tradition which involves an Eastern Orthodox priest to throw a cross or a crucifix into the Danube. If you dive in and retrieve it, you will be healthy throughout the year. Once you have recovered from the cold you got in the icy water. Yeah.

Tradition is a wonderful phenomenon. It evolves, it adapts, you do not even realise them because they are part of your life. Rest assured, no matter where you go, you will find a silly local New Year`s Eve tradition.

Have a wonderful new year!