Accessible on land, air and sea

‘Oh Jesus, if that nut comes off…’ murmured the pilot. On every helicopter, there is a special nut that is designed to securely hold the main rotor to the craft`s body. It is called the Jesus Nut.

Researchers say that helicopters have their concept based on a bamboo children`s toy from 400 BC. Leonardo da Vinci is well-known as an avid fan of aviation, and though he did not have the means or tools, he had a brilliant mind, one that was capable of dreaming up designs of a various devices capable of aerial travel. One of these designs is the helical aerial screw, a contraption made of wire, linen and reed, a contraption that is able to lift off the ground provided there is enough rotation.

Nowadays these contraptions are made of metal, we call them helicopters, and there are 50 000 of them operating around the world.

The Vanguard Helipad on the Isle of Dogs is operational for 35 years now, it has been used for thousands of take-off and landings. For our self-storage customers, it also provides a spectacular sight from our lovely coffee shop overlooking the helipad.

We have a River bus pier two minutes from our main entrance.

Located on the river front, you can arrive at our site on land, air and sea. Where else but Vanguard?