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How to keep your house tidy – top tips

A photo showing a living room with a sofa, armchair, dining table and chairs and a large painting on the wall, with stairs on the left.

When we’re busy, cutting corners can certainly seem enticing but that’s not the answer when it comes to our homes. The home should be a place where we’re proud to be, a place we look forward to retreating to after a busy day, and that’s not going to be the case if your house is a pigsty!

If you see yourself staring at a pile of dirty clothing that desperately needs to go to the dry cleaners, a stack of junk mail on your coffee table, a smelly gym bag thrown by your shoes in the hallway, dirty dishes by the sink and an array of empty toiletries - it’s time to do yourself a favour. Vanguard’s advice is: clean as you go - you leave a room, take something with you. You make dinner - wash up or fill the dishwasher after you’ve eaten. You take off your smelly gym socks - put them in your washing hamper. To transform your home and make those taxing chores easier, read on and allow Vanguard to help you, help yourself.

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Regular clear-outs

  • A graphic showing a donation box containing a dress, some books and a ball.

Regularly do your laundry

  • A graphic showing a washing machine with a bottle of detergent and a laundry basket next to it.

Wash your kitchen down after every meal

  • A graphic showing a shiny new kitchen.

Vacuum weekly

  • A graphic of a vacuum hoover over a plain yellow background.

Buy less

  • A graphic showing a piggy bank with a coin in it.

Don’t keep items out of guilt

  • A graphic showing two Christmas jumpers.

Don’t turn threadbare clothes into loungewear

  • A graphic showing a men's shirt, a pair of trousers and a jumper.

Consider a storage service

  • A graphic showing storage boxes for a move.

Always unload the dishwasher ASAP

  • A graphic showing a full dishwasher.

No shoes policy

  • A graphic showing three pairs of shoes on a shoe rack.

Share the cleaning responsibility

  • A graphic showing three people washing dishes.

Clean little and often

  • A graphic showing a dustpan and brush against a dark blue background.

Put clothes immediately in wardrobe or laundry

  • A graphic showing a blue laundry basket with a yellow blanket folded inside.

Have a paper filing system

  • A graphic showing two shelves with binders and file organisers.

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