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How to maximise your storage unit space

A graphic showing labelled moving boxes.

How to fit more in a storage unit

  • A graphic showing three books stacked on top of each other.
  • A graphic showing a man dismantling furniture.
  • A graphic showing a red sofa on a white background.
  • A graphic showing a cardboard box labelled as "Useful items" against a plain green background.
  • A graphic showing four Vanguard storage boxes stacked on top of each other.
  • Graphic showing storage boxes on two sets of shelving units.
  • A graphic showing a plastic bag with a red cross next to it and a cardboard box with a green tick next to it.
  • A graphic showing a box with many items inside, including a clock, a basketball and file folders.
  • A graphic showing two men moving a sofa.
  • A graphic showing a white pillow and a mirror against a plain green background.
  • A graphic of a plastic vacuum storage bag on a yellow background.
  • A graphic showing a single sheet of plywood.
  • A graphic showing a small suitcase being inserted into a larger suitcase.

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