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Tips for living in London as a Student – how to survive!

A photo of Westminster and the Big Ben in London, where Vanguard have six self storage branches.

Living in London as a student is certainly an exciting concept, with countless bars, eateries, shops and iconic places to visit. You can be sure that there will always be something to do with your pals. However, London is known for its high prices – whether that’s rent, food, drink or entrances fees – London is way more costly than all the other cities in the UK – making it difficult to manage a monthly budget.

Worry not though, Vanguard Storage Services have put together a comprehensive guide that’ll help you to maximise your student living in London and help your money go further. For top tips, tricks and a superb London student life, read on…

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  • A photo showing people waling in a street in London, where Vanguard have six self-storage branches.
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Tips for foreign students studying in London

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Studying in London facts

  • A photo showing the inside of the Natural history museum in London, where Vanguard has six self storage branches.

Going to uni in London and need student storage services to help you house your belongings throughout the term breaks? Turn to Vanguard Storage Services, your reliable and affordable service. We currently offer 20% student discount at all of our branches, keeping your belongings safe and your travels back home lighter and easier. 

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