Tips for living in London as a Student – how to survive!

Living in London as a student is certainly an exciting concept, with countless bars, eateries, shops and iconic places to visit. You can be sure that there will always be something to do with your pals. However, London is known for its high prices – whether that’s rent, food, drink or entrances fees – London is way more costly than all the other cities in the UK – making it difficult to manage a monthly budget.

Worry not though, Vanguard Storage Services have put together a comprehensive guide that’ll help you to maximise your student living in London and help your money go further. For top tips, tricks and a superb London student life, read on…


Coping with student life in London

Here’s our list of recommendations for how to survive student life in London.

  1. Get used to eating in: For some, eating in is boring and cooking is a total nightmare, but if you’re moving to university, now is the best time to test out your cooking skills – who cares if things end up burnt? It’s time to start adulting! Make food shopping fun and try something new each week, that way you’ll become a well-rounded chef and be able to figure out what your favourite dishes are. Eating in, and cooking regularly will come in handy should you cook for your new university buddies or your other half! student cooking
  2. Part-time work: It might sound strange but it’s always easier to get a job, if you already have a job. Most of the job adverts you will browse through will state that they want X amount of experience and sometimes, that’s just not possible. So to put yourself in good standing once you’ve received the best degree you can get, it’s good to keep yourself busy and holding a job down whilst you’re at university will do just that. Not to mention, the extra dosh will help to keep you afloat because there’s no doubt you’ll want to explore the capital when time allows.student jobs
  3. Go to clubs and bars with free entry: Although there are plentiful bars in London, they’re pretty expensive, so try to scope out what’s affordable and pick places to meet that are easy to get to. If you’re spending money on a taxi, money to get into a club and money on drinks – chances are, you won’t be going out often. Stick to student bars, with free entry that have deals on drinks because otherwise, you might just find yourself spending most of your evenings in. london bar
  4. Walk places, download Uber, hop on the tube: Walking is free and it’s good exercise, it’ll help you to get your bearings of London. If it’s been one of those days, treat yourself to an Uber, studies have shown that Ubers are much cheaper than black cabs and they’re safer too. With a record of your journeys and a review system in place – you’re covered. If you’re feeling particularly social and you’re meeting a friend quite the way away, use the tube – it might seem daunting at first but once you’re used to the underground, life in London will be pretty simple.walking on London streets
  5. Take advantage of the free stuff: Life as a student is pretty cool, people are always throwing free things your way – even if you don’t want it, take it and give it to a friend – they might be able to give you their freebie in exchange. Stuff like free food, drinks, pens, T-shirts, bags – will certainly help you to keep in the positive figures when it comes to your bank account. Sign up to UNiDAYS for student discount, and read our guide on more tips for saving money as a student in food for students
  6. Prepare for exams: Yes, this is part of our comprehensive guide. Exams will soon come around, so be sure to give yourself a couple of hours in the day to go over what you have learnt in your lectures and seminars – repetition is key to ensuring you retain important degree exam prep
  7. Make the most of lectures:
    – Check your emails before going to a lecture, to ensure you haven’t missed any vital information about the lecture ahead.
    – Take a notepad and pen, or laptop if necessary.
    – Don’t write everything down, you will miss important sections. You will be able to refer back to the powerpoint presentation that the lecturer went through when you get home.
    – If you don’t understand something, speak to your lecturer when it’s over.taking notes in class
  8. And likewise, for seminars:
    – Revisit your notes and the slides the lecturer went through previously before your seminar and be sure to complete any work that was set beforehand.
    – Take part in discussions, participation is important and makes seminars all the more worthwhile.
    – Speaking up will help you to make friends and gain a good rapport with your lecturers.seminar


Tips for foreign students studying in London

foreign student in london

  1. Sort out your visa as early as possible.
  2. Figure out where you’d like to live, do you want self-catered accommodation, shared housing, or hall of residents? Go through your housing options and find the one that’s best suited to your needs.
  3. Prepare for mixed weather – contrary to what you may hear, it is not always raining in the UK. You will be able to dig into your summer clothes but always make sure you’re prepared for the winter and do bring an umbrella.
  4. Join societies and get involved. London has over 100,000 international students, so get to know as many people as possible and enjoy your new home away from home.
  5. Get yourself a European Health Insurance Card and register at the doctors in a local area.


Studying in London facts

natural history museum

Moving to London to begin graduate study is understandable, it’s a capital that attracts like-minded, young individuals with a passion to finish university with the best degree possible. If you’re still considering what university you’d like to go to, here are a few facts about studying in London.   

  1. London is the world’s number 1 place for international students – with over 100,000 international students from over 200 different nations! Which means you’re bound to learn more about different cultures and work with people from all over the world.
  2. London is home to over 120 libraries – so you won’t be hard-pressed to find quality study books.
  3. Ground-breaking discoveries were made in London’s universities, including the discovery of DNA, fingerprints and Penicillin.
  4. There are more than 1,000 galleries and museums to visit in London and a good percentage of them are free!


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