Top tips to make moving house easier and less stressful

Moving house can be such an exciting time, having searched for a new home, you’ve finally found it and secured it… so why is there a lingering sense of dread?

It’s probably the thought of packing up all your belongings and having to get out of where you live now, and into your new place in such a short space of time. The distance can be another factor since if you’re not moving around the corner, you’ll need to organise how you’ll move everything. 

But relax, here at Vanguard Self Storage we’ve got plenty of tips to help make moving house easier and less stressful for both you and your family. Let’s start with five practical tips and then move on to help with your mental wellbeing. 

Practical tips to make moving house easier

Declutter your home

moving house clearout

Whether you’re downsizing and need to ensure you’ll have enough space in your new home or you’re expanding, moving your things is hard enough. Don’t put extra stress and time into your move if you absolutely don’t have to. Decluttering is the very first thing you should start doing, as once you’ve whittled down your possessions to what you really need, you’ll see that there is far less to organise and transport. We recommend using an approach like Marie Kondo’s ‘KonMari’ method to choose what to keep and what to get rid of.  

If you really can’t bear to part ways with your collectables, seasonal clothes, paperwork or other items, you could at least use self-storage – something we’ll touch on in another point as part of this stress-free moving plan.


Pack a box of essentials

moving house toiletries

Once you’ve moved in, everything will be in boxes, and no matter how well you’ve labelled, there are always things you’re going to need on that first night but can’t find. Set aside a box of essentials so that you don’t have to go immediately tearing through all the boxes when you’re in. A few food items, crockery, paperwork, medication, basic toiletries and some clean clothes are all you’ll need – the rest can be unpacked later.


Create a moving checklist

moving house checklist

It might be tempting to trust your instincts and wing it in an attempt to have a reactive strategy, but a moving checklist is a far better idea. Creating one of these means you’ll have everything you could possibly think of on a handy list, which means no items or steps in the process will be missed, saving you the headache.

There are numerous ways you can do this – including creating your own from scratch – but to save you needing to do any extra work you can probably find one online to download. We also have our very own checklist of what to buy for your new house. Just make sure whatever list you use has everything you need on it, then you can stop doing so much mental juggling. Removing this unknown element can help to make the weeks and days leading up to the move much easier.


Utilise self-storage

using self storage to move house

Self-storage is an incredibly useful tool for movers. Often, there just isn’t enough time, daylight or pairs of hands to get a move done in a day and it’s a nightmare trying. So why not give yourself some breathing space? By placing non-essentials into storage before the move, you can leave yourself with only the most important things. Once you’re settled, you can go and collect the rest of your stuff, or, you might enjoy the newfound space and opt for long term storage options.

Remember when we mentioned self-storage earlier? Well, it’s a great way to organise the things you rarely use but can’t bear to part with, so book in advance to make life easier. If the self-storage facility offers a man and van service like some of our branches at Vanguard, that’s an added bonus to reduce stress even further. 

Start packing early

packing boxes

Once you’ve exchanged contracts and you know the move is set to go ahead, why not start packing early? That way you can spread out the boxing, taping and organising over weeks instead of days. It’s a really easy way to lower the amount of pressure you feel and will pay off in the form of more organised packing (which in turn makes unpacking easier).

Clearly, you can’t pack everything straight away, you need to live your life! But consider what can be packed away and take bite-sized chunks towards the goal of moving. We have a guide on how to pack for self-storage and moving house, as well as a guide to all of the packing materials you need.  


Mental moving wellbeing: how to cope with the stress of moving house

Spread work out

organising a house move

Following on from our last practical tip, the idea of spreading your move out is one which can alleviate a lot of panic and anxiety. This doesn’t just stop at the packing though, spread out all the little jobs you need to take care of – updating relevant parties, organising utilities etc. This will keep you busy but hopefully not burdened by the sheer number of tasks; better to have a couple each week than a mountain to take care of in the final week before your move.


Pack a comfort box

destressing on moving day

Much like your essentials box, it’s worth setting aside a comfort box. This can be filled with anything that puts a smile on your face, whether that’s photos of family and friends, tasty snacks, a video game, a nice warm blanket or your favourite hot drink. This keeps comforting items at hand in case you need to retreat when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Take five minutes to enjoy a hot beverage, take a nap or play a game to take your mind off things and remember the good stuff in life.


Have someone look after the kids

moving house with kids

One thing which can make a move extra stressful is having the kids around. Organising the logistics and keeping yourself sane is enough, trying to factor entertaining the kids is just the icing on the cake. If you have family and friends who would be willing to look after the kids on the day of your move and possibly overnight for the first night, it will be a big weight off your mind.

With the kids out of the way and everything moved in, you can even try and set up their new rooms to make the move smoother for them, too. Continuity and comfort is important for making children feel safe, so it will benefit them if they can stay with a relative or friend for just one night.


Ask for help when moving house

get people to help with moving

As with many things in life, we like to prove we are strong and independent, but the truth is we’re stronger together. Don’t put yourself through any more anguish and stress than you need to. Reach out to your nearest and dearest to lean on during this time. Here are some things it’s ok to ask for:

  • Help with the physical moving of things
  • Help looking after children or pets
  • Help with packing and labelling
  • A sympathetic ear to listen during a stressful time

It doesn’t just have to be friends and family who you look to either, with services like self-storage and removals, you can ask local companies for their services which will ultimately help to secure a smooth and stress-free moving day.


Keep your eyes on the prize

moving house relaxed

Finally, it can be easy to lose sight of why you’re going through all this added stress. If you find yourself overwhelmed or at a loss at any point, simply remember why you’re doing this in the first place – there’s a new home and a new phase of your life to look forward to.


Looking for a self-storage company with the expertise to help you while you undertake a stressful move? Look no further than Vanguard Storage. We have over 55 years of experience working with customers throughout London, Manchester, and Bristol. For more details on Bristol self storage including a van to help with your move, simply get in touch with us today.