What is long term self-storage: perks and uses

Having an organised home relies heavily on having the right storage space to accomodate all of your belongings. And, while space is in shortage these days, there is one solution that will offer you extra space without any major investment. At Vanguard, we offer self-storage opportunities for both domestic and commercial customers, with a variety of unit sizes and flexible contracts to suit all your specific needs.

Long term self-storage in particular, is very useful for customers who want to have a permanent solution for their belongings, such as seasonal items or memorabilia. While short term storage is ideal for a temporary solution, such as a move or a renovation, long term storage can be considered as a storage extension to your living space, where you can keep things you don’t need on a regular basis.

To help you understand if long term self-storage is the right choice for you, we have put together this handy guide that explores its perks and uses.

The perks of long term self-storage

Security and peace of mind

One of the primary advantages of long term self-storage is the enhanced security it offers. Our safe and secure self-storage facilities provide robust security measures, such as 24/7 CCTV, controlled access and staff on site at all times during our opening hours, to ensure the safety of your belongings. This gives you the peace of mind you need to know that your items are protected at all times.

Flexibility and accessibility

Our long term self-storage solutions offer flexibility in terms of unit sizes and rental durations, allowing you to choose the space that suits your needs and the timeframe you require. If you’re unsure about the unit size that’s best for you, you can use a unit size calculator. Simply put, as your storage provider we want to make sure that we provide you with the space you need, and at a competitive rate too. A convenient way to assess how large a storage unit you’ll need is to use our self-storage size calculator and storage size guide.

Who can use long term storage

Domestic customers

Long term self-storage is a popular choice for domestic customers who need additional space to store personal belongings. This is perfect to store seasonal items – such as sports equipment or holiday decorations – or bulky furniture that may not fit in your current living space. While short term self-storage can be helpful during a move, providing a temporary home for your belongings, long term self-storage is an ideal solution when decluttering or downsizing your living space. Whether you’re transitioning to a smaller home, renovating, or simply seeking to create a more organised environment, storing infrequently used items in a self-storage unit can help create a clutter-free and comfortable home.

Business customers

Many businesses benefit from long term self-storage as a cost-effective solution for storing excess inventory, equipment, or important documents. Our commercial self-storage units allow businesses to create a more organised workspace and reduce clutter, thereby increasing overall productivity and efficiency. Companies in need of secure storage to archive documents and records should consider our Vanguard Filebank. This is our comprehensive and secure file storage service through our sister company, Vanguard Filebank so, if you’re in need of an outstanding document storage provider in London, Bristol or Manchester, look no further.

Long term self-storage offers numerous benefits and applications for individuals and businesses alike. If you need extra space,  this provides a flexible, convenient, and secure solution. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer a Man and Van service to help you move items from your vehicle to your storage room, enhanced security, and friendly staff always happy to help. You can rest assured your belongings are always safe with us.

Whether you need short term or long term self-storage to store only a couple of boxes or an entire household’s worth of treasured belongings, Vanguard Self Storage is the place for you.