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How secure is self storage?

When you rent a self storage unit, you will have your own lock and key or PIN code access – so only you can access your belongings. What’s more, there will be staff on site who will be able to detect suspicious behaviour in and around the facilities. Alongside that, there’s a full alarm system and CCTV in operation around the premises.

Self storage companies are always thinking about the new, improved security measures to ensure customers only ever have a positive experience when renting. Self storage services give commercial and domestic customers confidence – whether they’re relocating offices or leaving their home to travel for a year – secure storage offers maximum reassurance and protection of your possessions whilst you are not there.

What kind of security is in Vanguard’s stores?

At Vanguard we take the security of your goods very seriously. All of our sites have 24 hour CCTV located on every floor and at each entrance and exit. Every storage unit has its own security alarms and building access is granted only with your unique PIN Number. Finally, your unit will be locked with your own lock, for which you are the only key holder.

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