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What can I store in self storage?

  • Domestic customers usually store things from their home – ranging from a few items to their entire home’s contents. Whether you’re moving abroad, downsizing, renovating or simply need the space – self storage if suitable for all.
  • Lifestyle storage is also a very popular reason for customers to turn to self storage – this type of storage refers to items such as sports equipment (such as skiing gear) that may take up a lot of space at home but might only be used at certain times of the year.
  • Storage of student items between terms is common, students will store a whole range of items with us including bedding, kitchenware, books, bikes and furniture.
  • Business storage, is used to house stock, equipment and archives.

What can’t I store in a storage unit?

There are a few items that we prohibit, for safety reasons, such as flammable or explosive items, food, humans or pets, stolen goods, illegal substances and firearms but these aside – it’s your space so you decide.

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