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A guide to student storage in Manchester

A photo showing the exterior of a student accommodation building.

Being a university student is one of the most exciting times of your life, a time where things are in constant evolution. And if you're relocating to a different town or city, you will find yourself spending a great deal of time travelling between campus and home whenever possible. With Manchester being home to a number of esteemed universities, this city is a hub of academic learning and student living. So, whether you’re a student at the University of Manchester, University of Salford or the Manchester Metropolitan University, if you'll be living in student accommodation, chances are you will need to vacate your room for the summer holidays. Though this can be stressful, there is a valid solution that can save you from the hassle of doing that; we're talking about student storage in Manchester.

If you would like more expert tips on living in Manchester as a student, make sure to also check out our Manchester student living guide.

Here at Vanguard Storage, we pride ourselves in offering the highest level of safety, comfort and customer service to all our clients. With eight branches open and more coming soon, we are experts in domestic, commercial and student storage. If you're relocating to Manchester to study at one of the many universities in the city, look no further than this guide!

Packing tips for first year students

Whether you opt for a shared flat or a student hall, you will soon discover that space is short. To avoid packing more than you can fit in your room, it's a good idea to create a brief inventory list do decide what you will actually need and what you should leave behind.

Particularly for students moving across the country, it might be tempting to take everything you have in your room back home. However, chances are, you will only truly need half of what you take. Besides, a cluttered room will be counterproductive during your university years, so you're better off going for a "less is more" approach.

Here is what you will *actually* need in your student accommodation:

Medical supplies

Yes, you can buy these when you get there. But, as you attend all the events during freshman week and start spending time getting to know your new flat mates, will you remember to go buy medical supplies? Probably not. So, it's best you come prepared and bring them with you during the move. Make a list of what you would normally use for a cold or flu and make sure to pack enough for emergencies.

Stationery and books

The university will provide all your course material,  so you just need to make sure you take plenty of pens, highlighters and notepads so that you can get organised from day one. This is a fun time, with some true "back to school" vibes!

Bedding and towels

While packing your favourite clothes and shoes will probably be the top priority on your list, make sure you don't forget to also pack some towels and sheets. This is also great way to add personality to your room too; student accommodations can feel very blank and anonymous, but making the bed with your favourite sheets will already make it feel like your own.

Something that reminds you of home

And building up on the point above, you will want your student accommodation to feel more like home. You can do so by bringing a few items of sentimental value with you; this can be letters, photographs or anything else that reminds you of the people you love. Once you start scattering fun memories around your room, it will instantly start feeling a lot more like home.

Important documents

This might be a no-brainer, but make sure to take any important documents with you when you move into your student accommodation, as getting them shipped across the country could be both expensive and time consuming. You will need your driving license, passport and academic documents, such as diplomas or exam results.

Pans, pots and your favourite mug

Though most student accommodations come equipped with a toaster, kettle and microwave, not all of them will supply you with kitchenware, glassware and cutlery. So, it's best you bring that with you. Places like Wilko, Asda or Argos have cost-effective options that offer good quality at reasonable prices and don't forget to bring your favourite mug with you.

How to maximise space in your student accommodation

Space can be fairly scarce in student rooms, but there are lots of efficient ways to make the most of it. Here are our top space-saving hacks for student accommodations:

  • Use vertical space - If you've watched "Get Organised with The Home Edit" on Netflix, you will know that vertical space is the best way to optimise your living area. Shoes and bags organisers that can be hung on your wardrobe doors are great, and over the door hooks can be perfect for holding towels and dressing gowns.
  • Stay organised - By avoiding clutter, you'll be able to make the most of your student room. Keep things tidy by using organising boxes and caddies and only keep the essentials out. Store everything else away under your bed or on top of the wardrobe.
  • Find a place for everything - Drawer dividers, jars and containers are great to keep things organised. By finding a place for everything, you will keep track of your belongings, avoiding the panic that happens when you can't find your favourite notepad before your morning lecture. Using labels or different coloured boxes is a great idea to group your belongings together.

How to find the perfect student storage in Manchester

So, student life can be a lot easier if you keep your belongings organised. And what's even better is knowing you can leave everything in a self storage unit during the summer break. This will save you the hassle of having to take everything back home with you.

At Vanguard Storage Manchester, we provide the cheapest and most reliable storage solutions to any student in or around the Manchester area. And we guarantee to be the easiest storage option for students, with custom-designed packages available all year round, starting from compact 10 square ft lockers at a great price. Our student deals also include collection from your accommodation, free packing boxes and a return delivery back to your new or existing accommodation.

Our collection team will not only collect your things from your accommodation, they will collect your items right from your front door and do all of the heavy lifting for you. And, if you opt for our Man and Van service, we can get all your belongings into your self storage unit in no time at all!

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