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A guide to student storage in North London

A photo showing a small locker at the Vanguard self storage branch in Victoria.

As a student, you may find yourself moving frequently from one accommodation to another, whether it's for a new academic year or a short-term placement. This can be a stressful and tiring process, especially when it comes to storing and transporting your belongings between terms. But if you're looking for student storage in North London, our Staples Corner branch can help satisfy your storage needs!

Our newest location is in fact a stone's throw away from the UCFB, Middlesex University and the University of North London, making student self-storage accessible from a variety of campuses.

So, to help you in your quest for the perfect storage solution in between terms, here is our guide to student storage in North London.

Choosing the right unit

When it comes to student self-storage, you don't want to pay for more space than you need. Our North London self-storage facilities offer units in a range of sizes, so it's important to choose the one that fits your needs. Consider the amount of boxes and items you need to store, and remember that you can always upgrade or downgrade your unit as needed.

You can also use our storage unit size guide to calculate how much space you would need for your belongings.

Finding a convenient location

When choosing a storage facility, look for one that is conveniently located near your accommodation or university. This will make it easier and more cost-effective to transport your belongings to and from the unit. And if you need help transporting your items to your self-storage unit, our reliable man and van service can help. Our friendly staff will meet you to help transport your goods to our storage facilities in North London. We will come at a time that’s convenient for you, and handle your goods with the greatest care.

As a student, it's also important that you make sure to choose one with adequate security measures in place. Vanguard Storage facilities that have CCTV cameras, secure access gates, and alarms to protect your belongings from theft or damage. Customers can access their units during our opening hours (7am-7pm), meaning there will always be staff on site ready to assist you while you’re visiting your unit.

If North London isn't the right location for you, we also have other branches across the city, offering domestic, commercial and student self-storage. You can find us in the following areas: West London, East London, Central London, Victoria, Soho and Staples Corner.

Keeping things organised

When it comes to student storage, it's important to plan ahead to avoid last-minute stress and confusion. By making a list of everything you need to store, and arranging transportation beforehand, you can save yourself the hassle of having to deal with it at the very last minute. If you're planning to store larger items – such as furniture and appliances – make sure to measure these beforehand to ensure they will fit in your unit.

Once you're ready to start packing away your belongings, use sturdy storage boxes or containers to keep everything organised. At Vanguard Storage, we sell a range of high-quality, durable storage boxes to make your packing experience even smoother. And we make labelling your containers even easier - in fact, each box has a list of rooms on the side, which you can tick off for future reference. And, if you want to add a detailed list of items to each box, you can use the writing space provided on the other side. This will ultimately save you time in the long run, allowing you to easily find everything you need inside the unit or when it's tie to collect your belongings again.

Taking advantage of student discounts

Lastly, students can take advantage of special discounts at our Vanguard locations across London, Bristol and Manchester. If you decide to store your belongings at our student self-storage in North London, make sure to bring your student ID and ask about our 20% discount for students. Our team of friendly staff members will be happy to assist you in finding the most suitable unit at a convenient price.

Why choose Vanguard for your student storage in North London?

Our Staples Corner Self-Storage branch in North London offers the perfect student self-storage for those in the area. The closest universities to this location are the University of Westminster, Middlesex University and UCFB Wembley.

Student storage can be a great solution for storing your belongings while you're living in a student accommodation. By following our tips, you can choose the right unit, keep your belongings organised and protected, and make the most of your storage experience.

And, in addition to our student discount, we offer flexible storage options for your complete convenience, both short-term and long-term. So, if you're looking for reliable, customer-friendly and affordable student self-storage in North London, look no further than Vanguard Self Storage. With over 55 years of experience developing our exceptional services, there’s no one better in the area.