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Decluttering made simple - packing tips for a tidy home

A photo of organised drawers with folded clothes and blankets.

The idea of having a tidy home with everything in its place is incredibly appealing, but it might take some hard work to get there. No matter how neat and tidy you naturally are, it's common for clutter to build up in your home. So, to help you in your quest for an organised home, we have put together a guide on decluttering made simple!

Learning to be tidier and more methodical will not only improve the way your home looks, but it will make it easier to create a dedicated space for everything. In fact, there are many benefits to decluttering, the top three being:

  • Save time on your chores. Reducing the amount of clutter lying around your home will make it easier and quicker to complete your daily chores.
  • Keep things organised. Once you find a place for everything, keeping things organised at home will be like taking a walk in the park!
  • Save money. The saying "less is more" describes decluttering in a nutshell. Once you embrace a more minimal lifestyle, you will start saving money on things that aren't necessary or useful.
  • A photo of a woman folding laundry on the floor, with a pile of tops and jeans in front of her.

Decluttering made simple - our tips

If you're not used to home organisation, getting started might seem like a daunting task. Here are our decluttering tips to help you gain control of things and slowly get into your new routine.

Make a list

Before you dive into your home organisation, create a list of priorities and make sure to have a mix of larger tasks and more attainable ones. For instance, sorting through your holiday decorations box might be a big challenge, but decluttering your Tupperware can be the perfect "small task" to balance that out.

Just remember that any progress is good progress, so don't put too much pressure on yourself and start small.

Break it up into smaller tasks

Decluttering your entire home in one go is too big of a task for your first decluttering project. Consider breaking it down into smaller chunks by organising one room at a time. Start by tackling the "easiest room" to ease yourself into it. Bedrooms and guest rooms are a good start - get rid of any items you no longer use or want and slowly move onto the nitty gritty stuff.

The most challenging part might be decluttering your wardrobe, so perhaps leave that for when you're more comfortable.

Donate your unwanted items

Your motivation can be put to the test during the decluttering process, but having a "noble goal" in mind could be the answer to staying on track.

A good way to stay motivated is by donating to charity. Prepare some bags or boxes and start filling them with things you no longer use. Think about all the people who might need them more than you do. This will help you stay motivated throughout the process, ultimately doing something good for the planet too - your discarded items don't have to end up in landfill, by donating them you will give everything a second life!

Use storage boxes

The are many decluttering techniques out there; one of the most common ones is the "four boxes rule". Simply prepare four boxes and label each as follows: bin, donate, keep, re-locate.

As you start making your way through your items, consider if these would be better placed any of these boxes rather than in their current position. Though the first few items might be challenging (it's not easy to let go of the things we own!), once you get into the rhythm, you'll find it hard to stop.

Organise your home with storage boxes

  • A photo showing a person putting tape on a cardboard storage box.

Using cardboard boxes will make the decluttering process a lot smoother. Methodically organising your belongings and sorting them into storage boxes will make it easier to declutter and keep things tidy in the long run.

At Vanguard Self Storage, we have a range of storage boxes available at our storage facilities in Bristol, London, and Manchester. All our boxes are high quality - from our single wall cardboard boxes to our robust double wall cardboard boxes. That means they are far more solid, durable, and capable of carrying more and heavier items.

Our boxes are eco-friendly and recyclable, however most customers keep them to re-use or lend them to family and friends for moves or home organisation. Our smallest boxes are 42cm³, though we have a variety of other sizes all the way up to our 124cm wardrobe carton, suitable for hanging suits and long dresses. We sell individual boxes or economy packs of 5, all premium designed, with “this way up” markings, as well as room indication.

So, no matter how you approach your home decluttering project, if you have a plan in mind you will get organised in no time at all!

Finding the perfect self-storage unit

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At Vanguard Self Storage you can store your treasured belongings safely and securely if you simply don’t have space at home. This includes sports equipment, bikes, kitchenware and other bulky items, thanks to our range of flexible storage solutions available. With units starting from small 10 sq ft lockers to large 150 sq ft units, we can also build a unit to order to suit your needs.

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