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How commercial self-storage can improve your business workflow

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In the fast-paced world of business, an optimised workflow is crucial for success. An ideal solution to significantly improve operations is commercial self-storage. These facilities provide more than just extra space for stock, as they are ideal during off-seasons to store unneeded equipment or during transitions such as office moves or renovations.

The benefits of commercial self-storage

To understand how commercial self-storage can improve your business workflow, we have put together a list of its key benefits.

Free up valuable space

Cluttered workspaces can hinder productivity and create unnecessary distractions. With a commercial self-storage unit, you can declutter your office space and create a more organised work environment. Storing excess inventory and equipment allows you to free up valuable office space, fostering a more efficient workflow. Many companies also struggle with the organisation and storage of files, at Vanguard, we also offer a Filebank service.

At Vanguard Filebank, you can expect to find the same high-quality, customer friendly services we offer right here at Vanguard Self Storage. You can also rest assured that your documents will be stored safe and sound in our clean, environmentally stable archive facilities. All business records are handled and stored by our experienced, trusted and skilled teams in our secure facilities. Documents are straightforwardly organised, meaning we can retrieve your documents for you quickly and efficiently.

Excess inventory management

If your business deals with inventory, effective management is crucial. Commercial self-storage is a cost-effective solution for storing excess inventory – whether it's seasonal items or surplus stock. With flexible contracts on both long-term and short-term basis and an array of unit sizes available, a self-storage unit is the perfect alternative to a warehouse. With less overhead costs, this not only improves organisation but also allows for better inventory control, reducing the chances of stock-outs or overstocking.

Enhanced security

Self-storage units are extremely secure, offering you the peace of mind you need to know your items are safely stored away. When renting one of Vanguard's commercial self-storage units you can spect the highest levels of security. Our facilities all come with 24-hour CCTV, burglar alarms and robust unit security including individually alarmed units, individual pin codes and fire detection systems. With us, you can also expect the most customer-friendly storage service at the best rates.

By storing your valuable inventory, equipment, and documents in a commercial self-storage unit, you reduce the risk of loss, theft, or damage, providing peace of mind and allowing you to focus on core business operations.

Flexibility and scalability

At Vanguard, we have a range of commercial storage units available to meet any demand. From lockers for a small number of items to bespoke-built large units for an entire office's worth of supplies. This way, we can offer you the flexibility to up or down your storage use at any time.

As your business grows, so do your storage needs. Commercial self-storage offers the flexibility to scale up or down and accommodate your changing needs. This adaptability allows you to align your storage requirements with your business demands, optimising your workflow and reducing unnecessary costs.

Commercial self-storage in London, Bristol & Manchester

Commercial self-storage can be a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance their workflow and optimise their operations. Businesses can declutter workspaces, streamline inventory management, and improve document organisation, while enjoying the flexibility to scale as needed. Crucial to the success of any business is flexibility. You need the capacity to store vital but currently unneeded items or to downsize as your company demands, so that’s where Vanguard Self Storage units can help. Our range of secure business and office storage is available to clients across Bristol, London and Manchester. Many of our branches also provide the ability to rent serviced office space, making us a one-stop for all your business requirements.

Whether you’re a sole trader, an SME or a large multi-national organisation, we have the storage solution for you.

Why should you use commercial self-storage for your business?

Whether you’re storing excess equipment or using units as a stock room, this flexible option of stowing away business belongings can reap many rewards, such as:

  • Low Cost – Business self-storage units mean readily available space at an affordable cost. Ideal for smaller or e-commerce businesses who want to save money, the overheads of paying for a self-storage unit are a fraction of other types of storage space and do not require council tax or business rates.
  • Flexibility – There is no other option available that gives you the degree of flexibility that self-storage units offer, whether it be as retail storage, office storage or stock storage. For example, you don't have a long-term contract and can exit the unit at short notice if you need to.
  • Security – Secure storage already has all the measures in place to protect your stock and equipment, as it can be unwise to leave expensive items outside of a fully secure environment. Thanks to CCTV and other protection measures, it’s safe and secure to store your belongings.

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