The perks of commercial self storage in London

Finding commercial self storage in London has never been easier. We have recently opened our newest branch in the city, located in Staples Corner, where we offer domestic, student and commercial storage. The latter, in particular, is in popular demand across London, allowing businesses to become more efficient in their operations.

Commercial storage facilities, in fact, offer several benefits that can help companies improve their operations. So, what are the perks of commercial self storage, and why should London-based businesses consider this solution?

What are the main perks of using a self storage commercial unit?

Commercial self storage can offer businesses increased flexibility, improved security, and optimised costs for stock and inventory storage. But self storage units are also ideal during office renovations or moves, as they allow you to safely store your belongings until your office is ready again.

Here are some of the key aspects of commercial self storage units:


One of the main advantages of commercial self storage is the increased flexibility this provides. Units can in fact be rented on a short or long-term basis, allowing companies to choose the contract that is most suited to their needs. Unit sizes also vary from compact lockers, suitable for a handful of boxes, to larger and bespoke units, perfect to hold the contents of an entire office.


Vanguard self storage facilities offer advanced security measures to protect stored items from theft or damage. Our facilities are equipped with 24/7 surveillance cameras, alarms, and access controls that ensure only authorised personnel can access the units. This enhanced security in our state-of-the-art facilities will help businesses protect their assets.


Investing in warehouse space or office space to store items can be expensive, especially in London. By opting for a commercial self storage unit, companies can obtain the same level of security and protection for their stock. And the cost savings can help businesses invest in other areas of their operations and grow their business more efficiently.


Space is always in popular demand, especially in a big city like London. The additional space provided by commercial self storage can help businesses organise their inventory and equipment, ultimately leading to increased productivity. Having a dedicated storage unit for stock can reduce the time and effort required to manage inventory, allowing employees to focus on other tasks.


Business self storage offers scalable solutions, allowing businesses to easily expand or downsize their storage units as needed. Thanks to the flexible contracts available at Vanguard, businesses can decide to upgrade or downgrade units throughout their stay. With commercial self storage, you can easily adjust your storage needs without making significant changes to operations.

Vanguard’s commercial storage

At Vanguard, we offer a range of secure business and office storage solutions for commercial clients across London. With 24-hour CCTV, burglar alarms and robust unit security – including individually alarmed units, individual pin codes and fire detection systems – our facilities offer businesses great peace of mind.

What are the added perks of choosing Vanguard?

Low Cost – Our business self storage units mean readily available space at an affordable cost. They are ideal for SMEs or eCommerce businesses who want to save money. The overheads of paying for a self storage unit are in fact a fraction of other types of rented space and do not require council tax or business rates.

Flexibility – There is no other option that gives you the degree of flexibility that self-storage units offer, whether it be as retail storage, office storage or stock storage. Businesses are not tied to a long-term contract and can exit the unit at short notice if you need to. 

Security – Secure self storage already has all the measures in place to protect your stock and equipment, as it can be unwise to leave expensive items outside of a fully secure environment. Thanks to CCTV and other protection measures, it’s safe and secure to store your belongings in.

Why use commercial self-storage in London?

Using commercial storage in London can provide several benefits to businesses operating in the city, including:



London is a highly competitive city for businesses. Commercial storage gives companies access to their stored inventory, equipment, and other items, without having to travel too far from their operations. You can visit any of our Vanguard Storage facilities in London at the following locations: West London, East London, Central London, Victoria, Soho and Staples Corner.


The security measures such as 24/7 CCTV monitoring, gated access, and alarms, give businesses peace of mind that their assets are safe from theft, damage, or unauthorised access.


Commercial self storage in London offers a clean space for storing inventory, equipment, and other items. This improved organization can lead to increased productivity for inventory management.

Using commercial storage in London can provide several benefits to businesses looking for secure, affordable, and accessible storage solutions. With improved security, flexibility, and cost savings, companies can focus on growing their business and achieving their goals.

For secure, flexible commercial self storage, competitive prices and the best customer service, contact the friendly team at Vanguard today and we’ll assist you however we can.