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Top 5 advantages of a self-storage container

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The benefits of a storage unit are many and diverse, and the options available on the market have gotten even more varied. Though the traditional storage unit still remains a strong choice, both domestic and commercial customers can now enjoy the perks of a self-storage container.

The latter is a versatile solution, available to customers who are looking for larger units and don't require to access their belongings as often. There are a few differences between self-storage and container storage, despite the two being quite similar.

As we can now offer container storage solutions in two locations – East London and West London – we have put together a guide to the top 5 advantages of a self-storage container.

What are the advantages of a self-storage container?

Whether you're moving home or need some extra space for your business, storage units can be an invaluable aid, offering many benefits to help make things easier. Convenience and flexibility are key, as self-storage units can be rented for however long you need them. Both traditional storage units and container storage have very similar features, however there are a few advantages that are unique to the second option. Here are the top 5 advantages of our container storage solutions.


One of the main perks of container storage is accessibility. Our facilities in fact offer 24 hour access to all customers, giving you complete freedom when it comes to visiting your unit during your rental term.

Though container storage is generally more suited for long-term rental, knowing that you can access your belongings whenever you need to will give you great peace of mind. All our Vanguard facilities are open 24 hours, 7 days per week, with security on site to assist you, should you have any issues.


Container storage units can vary in size, however, generally speaking, these are larger and more spacious than traditional self-storage units. Due to their spaciousness, these units are particularly good to store stock, equipment and tools when not required.

Thanks to our range of flexible solutions, we can accommodate all of our customers’ needs. Our self-storage units vary in size from compact ones, suitable for a handful of boxes, to larger units, big enough to fit the contents of a three-bedroom house. Our largest units extend to 2,000 sq ft, and we can also build bespoke units to order for commercial customers.

Cost effectiveness

Container storage units are a cost effective option in the long run, as there are fewer overheads and features than traditional self-storage units. The flexibility offered by our self-storage solutions is perfect to eliminate the cost of long-term or fixed-term storage, by giving you a more flexible option.


All our Vanguard self-storage facilities offer logistical support and heavy lifting assistance to help you easily move your belongings into your unit. All you have to do is organise your unit so you can easily access your belongings when you need to. Though this perk doesn’t exclusive apply to container storage (traditional self-storage is also a very valid solution), by placing items you don’t need regularly into storage you will be able to declutter your spaces and keep things organised for longer.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for temporary storage during a move, or a business owner packing away excess equipment – at Vanguard we have the perfect container storage solution for your needs.


Sturdy and safe in construction, container storage units can stand the test of time. These units are in fact water-tight and resistant to any weather conditions, making them the perfect outdoor storage solution.

At Vanguard, our top priority is to guarantee our customers peace of mind, and we do so by providing 24/7 security, CCTV across all our facilities and access strictly limited to our customers.

Other perks of a Vanguard self-storage container

Our storage containers are available at our West London branch, in Ealing, and our East London branch, on the Isle of Dogs. With round-the-clock surveillance, flexible access to your belongings available, robust security and welcoming facilities, there’s no company better suited to store your belongings than Vanguard Self Storage.

Whether you opt for our traditional self-storage units or for one of our container storage solutions, our facilities are perfect to store your valuables and any belongings you don’t need regular access to. As our storage solutions are suitable for both domestic and commercial customers, we offer a range of unit sizes, ideal to store only a couple of boxes or an entire household’s worth of treasured belongings.

With short-term or long-term options available, our customer-friendly storage services go above and beyond to guarantee your complete satisfaction whilst offering competitive prices.

More self-storage options

Besides offering container storage in London, we also have a range of self-storage units available across our branches in the city. You can find Vanguard Storage in the following areas in London: West London, East London, Central London, Victoria, Soho and Staples Corner.

Whether you're looking for container storage to store surplus stock or bulky equipment, or you would like a more compact self-storage unit for a handful of boxes, at Vanguard you will find what you need. With over 55 years of experience in the storage industry, you can expect great customer service and peace of mind when storing your belongings at a Vanguard Storage branch!

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