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Top tips for short-term student storage in London

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Moving in or out of your student accommodation can be a stressful time, but there are ways to make the process a whole lot smoother and more enjoyable. Usually, you will need to vacate your student accommodation during the Summer holidays – whether this is a studio or a shared flat. Hiring a removal company can be expensive, but there is a valuable alternative to that. We’re talking about student self-storage.

Created with flexibility in mind, this is the perfect solution for the Summer break. So, to help you understand how student self-storage can help you, we’ve put together our our top tips for short-term student storage in London.

The perks of self-storage for students

Student self-storage has established itself as a convenient way to reduce expenses and find a suitable solution during the Summer break. Though space is in ever-shortening supply – particularly in a highly populated city like London – short-term student storage units are the perfect compact solution to safely hold all your belongings.

Student self-storage

Student storage is an ideal solution to avoid transporting your belongins across the country – or even internationally – during the Summer break. Self-storage is in fact designed with flexibility in mind, offering customers a chance to rent any unit size for however log they need it.

By renting out a student self-storage unit, you can organise all your belongings and neatly pack these away so that it will be easier to get them back once you’re ready to move into your student accommodation again. The number of short-term storage options available make this the perfect solution for your Summer break.

How to choose the right unit

At Vanguard self-storage, we offer units ranging from compact 10sq ft lockers, perfect for a handful of items or a few boxes, to 150sq ft units, big enough to hold the contents of a three-bedroom home. While generally speaking most students will be fine with a 25sq ft unit, that depends largely on how many boxes you have. If you also have furniture or things like mattresses or bean bags, then you might need a bigger unit.

Our Vanguard storage size guide is a great tool to help you decide on the best unit size for your needs, ultimately helping you cut costs!

Moving your belongings into storage

Once you have decided which unit you need, it’s time to start packing away your items to ensure a smooth move. A little bit of organisation now, will in fact save you a lot of hustle later. Consider using plastic storage boxes or cardboard boxes for your items so that, when you’re ready to vacate your room, you won’t leave any loose objects behind.

If you don’t have a car, you might think that transporting everything from your accommodation to a storage unit might be tricky. However, we offer man and van services available for hire at all our London locations. Our friendly staff will meet you to help you transport your goods to one of our storage locations. We’ll come at a time that’s convenient for you, and handle your goods with the greatest care. You can take advantage of our Man and Van service for free at selected branches.

Our top tips for short-term student storage in London

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There are a few other ways to make your self-storage experience even more enjoyable. Here are our top tips for short-term student storage in London.

Save on costs

By understanding which unit size you will need in advance, you can save yourself a pretty penny as you will avoid over-paying for a unit that is too big.

As mentioned above, some of our Vanguard self-storage branches also offer complementary man and van services, which can help you save money on transportation. Get in touch with our team to find out what’s your local branch today!

Stay organised

Don’t leave it until the last minute, instead start doing your research a few weeks before your move out date. That will give you a chance to neatly organise your belongings and find the London self-storage branch closest to you. When packing, make sure you safely wrap fragile items individually and be mindful of how you assembly your boxes – mixing fragile items with regular ones is never a good idea! You can read our packing guide for some helpful tips.

Do good

Inevitably, there will be things in your student accommodation you might not want to keep. Rather than putting these into storage and dealing with them at a later date, consider donating your unwanted items and clothes to a local charity shop. That way you will declutter your room, while also doing something good for the community!

Be flexible

If you’re looking for a self-storage unit for the Summer months, it might be more cost-effective to go for a long term contract. In fact, short term solutions are great for a few weeks, but you will find that renting a unit for a couple of months will be a lot cheaper with a long-term contract. At Vanguard, we are experts in student self-storage and can help you understand what the best solution is for your needs!

Why choose Vanguard’s short-term student storage

We have locations across England, with four branches in London – East London, West London, Central London and Staples Corner. As London boasts a number of prestigious universities, our secure units are all within easy reach from most of these. Monitored 24/7 by CCTV for your total convenience, our safe and secure short-term student storage is ideal to keep your belongings tidy and organised until the new academic year.

We currently have six locations in London, offering domestic, commercial and student storage; West London, East London, Central London, Victoria, Soho and Staples Corner.

So, for reliable, customer-friendly and affordable student self-storage in London, look no further than Vanguard Self Storage. With over 55 years of experience developing our exceptional services, there’s no one better in the area!

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