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How to move heavy furniture and appliances – tips and tricks

A photo showing a man lifting a sofa with some moving boxes in the background.

Moving certain household items can be incredibly heavy, cumbersome and a whole lot of trouble! That’s why Vanguard have put together a detailed guide that offers handy tips and tricks to help make moving just that little bit easier. Get your appliance dolly, moving straps, measuring tape, screw driver, blankets and tape/rope ready and let’s get you moving.

Tips for moving heavy furniture

  • A photo of a kitchen with a fridge on the right and a fruit bowl on the counter on the left.
  • A photo showing the inside of a wardrobe with neatly folded t-shirts over two shelves.
  • A photo showing a bed with two bedside tables and lamps on either side.
  • A photo showing a sofa in front of a glass coffee table and next to a tall lamp in a living room.
  • A photo of a kitchen with wooden chopping boards, utensils and ornaments against a white brick wall.
  • A photo showing a table on a small unit next to a radiator in a living room.
  • A photo showing a close-up of a kitchen and dishwasher.