How to move heavy furniture and appliances – tips and tricks

Moving certain household items can be incredibly heavy, cumbersome and a whole lot of trouble! That’s why Vanguard have put together a detailed guide that offers handy tips and tricks to help make moving just that little bit easier. Get your appliance dolly, moving straps, measuring tape, screw driver, blankets and tape/rope ready and let’s get you moving.


Tips for moving heavy furniture


How to pack and move your fridge or freezer

moving a fridge freezer

Removing a fridge or freezer from the home can be a difficult task but it is possible. Life will be made much easier if you ensure you have the appropriate moving equipment and more than one pair of hands!

  1. Empty and clean the fridge/freezer
  2. Disconnect fridge/freezer from power source
  3. Measure fridge/freezer 
  4. Remove necessary obstacles 
  5. Strap fridge/freezer onto the appliance dolly 
  6. Tilt or push fridge/freezer on appliance dolly
  7. (If you’re going down the stairs) One person guides the dolly and the other the fridge/freezer 
  8. Place into the removal van
  9. Secure fridge/freezer in the van 
  10. Let fridge/freezer settle for 24-72 hours before plugging back into power source


How to pack and move your wardrobe

moving a wardrobe

Large doubles or small singles, wardrobes of any size can be difficult pieces of furniture to maneuver, so first things first:

  1. Empty the wardrobe
  2. Fasten an adjustable strap around the wardrobe to keep the doors closed whilst you move it
  3. Secure onto a dolly or carry it horizontally with another person and carefully guide it out of your home and into the moving van (make sure to take rests and readjust your hands when making your way down the stairs  


How to pack and move your bed and mattress

how to move a bed and mattress

When moving a bed it’s important to break it down as far as it will go – this will make the process easier but keep each part safe, so that it can be reassembled when you have reached your destination. There are countless types of beds, including guest beds, divan bed, ottoman bed, sleigh bed, mid-sleeper bed, bunk bed, cabin bed, day bed, wooden bed, upholstered bed, TV bed, antique style bed and French style bed – but whatever it is you have, it’s important to follow these steps. 

  1. Remove the bedding (sheets, duvets, pillows)
  2. Cover the mattress in a plastic sheet, to keep clean
  3. Take apart all you can and use your handy tools
  4. Once everything has been taken apart, ask a friend to help you carry out the mattress, frame and other parts separately and safely


How to pack and move your sofa

how to move a sofa couch

Sofas come in all shapes and sizes and they always seem virtually impossible to get in and out of the house but there are ways to make sofa removal easy.

  1. Ideally, if your sofa can be taken apart, do this first
  2. If your sofa can not be broken down, you will have to pivot and tilt it around the corners of your home and remember to use the cavity of the sofa to allow for more space

How to pack and move your oven

moving an oven

Moving an oven can be dirty and heavy work but if you’re looking to ship it to your new home, there are a few steps that’ll make it a little easier. 

  1. Clean your oven thoroughly and dry it 
  2. Unplug your oven/shut off the gas line (turn off the main valve) 
  3. Remove burner pans and grates
  4. Wrap any detachable oven parts in newspaper and pop into a sturdy bag
  5. With help, place the oven onto an appliance dolly and wheel out into the moving van


How to pack and move your TV

how to move a tv

If you’ve kept your TV box, this could be the ideal way to ship it to your new home but if you do not have the TV box, you can: 

  1. Use a microfiber cloth to thoroughly dust your TV
  2. Use cable ties to keep any cables compact and close to the TV
  3. Wrap your TV in bubble wrap and place into a tight box – so it won’t move around too much during transportation  


How to pack and move your washing machine

packing and moving a washing machine

If you’re moving home and taking your washing machine with you, it’s important to follow your instruction manual – if you have it – but if not, we’ve put together some top tips. 

  1. Unplug the washing machine from the mains
  2. Turn off the water supply by turning the connecting valves
  3. Carefully turn the hose screws to detach and try to keep them upright so you don’t spill any standing water 
  4. Pour excess standing water down the sink or into a bucket
  5. Tape cables and hoses to the washing machine 
  6. Slide a towel under the washing machine, so you can move it into a more accessible position, without scratching the floor
  7. Have your moving buddy help you place the washing machine onto an appliance dolly (remember this home appliance is heavy – it is levelled with concrete)
  8. Keep the washing machine upright in the removals van at all times


How to move heavy furniture – how to lift objects safely

When moving any furniture – whether it’s light or heavy – it’s always important to take care to ensure your health and safety.

How to carry something heavy:

  • Bend your knees 
  • Keep the item close to your body
  • Do not twist whilst carrying
  • Always have a second pair of hands when carrying furniture up or down the stairs


How to move heavy furniture without scratching the floor

If you’ve been wondering how to move furniture without damaging it – invest in sliders – these can be purchased in your local DIY or furniture shop. How do they work? They are to be popped under the legs of a heavy furnishings so you can slide them easily across the floor. This not only saves your floors from deep scratches but your furniture’s legs from wearing away from friction. 


If you’ve wondered about how to move furniture to a new house, count on Vanguard’s expert advice – we have a wealth of experience within the industry and have packed, removed and delivered countless items seamlessly from A to B. For more information, contact us today, we’re here to help. Our branches can be found in West London, Oxford Circus, Manchester, Soho, East London and Self Storage Bristol