Strong ties to local history – Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Isambard is a name of German origin, meaning “iron-bright”. Quite a unique name belonging to a uniquely talented gentleman.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel was the second greatest Briton of all time according to BBC`s 2002 nationwide poll. And for good reason; Brunel was known as a savant precision engineer.

He devised and conducted the launch of the SS Great Eastern (formerly known as the Leviathan), the first ship that was able to do a non-stop cruise from London to Sidney and back. The ship was magnificent, perfect. The launching plans on the Isle of Dogs were definitely not. It took one renaming, two cases of mild embarrassment, three months and four attempts to get the ship into the water. But once those twenty thousand tonnes were swimming in the Thames, The Great Eastern has left a remarkable footprint in history.

And where did they manufacture all those fancy chains you might ask?

At 188 Westferry Road where our East London facility can be found today!

It is safe to say that Vanguard has ties that bind us to local history.