How To Use Long-Term Storage

Common reasons to utilise long-term storage facilities could be going travelling, downsizing or storing assets your business needs. Read on to discover our favourite reasons for using long term self storage, as well as tips for preparing your belongings for a time in storage.

long term storage for travelling


Why use long term storage? Is it worth it?

It can be unpredictable sometimes where life might take you, and some situations mean we might need extra space in our homes or offices. Some reasons to consider long term storage solutions include:

  • Long term storage for travelling

This leaves you free to go wherever you’d like, without needing to move your things around with you.

using storage to go travelling

  • Downsizing your home with storage 

Storing your items safely means you can still keep essential and sentimental items, without having to sacrifice room in your living space.

  • Doing up your house

This can be a messy process – using storage can help keep your possessions safe throughout a redecoration, loft conversion or extension, as long as it takes.

  • Long term storage for business assets

Whether it’s business equipment, surplus stock, document archives or anything else from your company, it can be kept in a safe and secure location. This will free up space in the office but ensure that the assets are easily accessible when you need them.

  • Rent a room of your house

You could rent to a lodger, or put it on Airbnb, putting any unnecessary furniture or belongings from the room into self storage. This will provide you with extra income, as well as help you meet interesting individuals from all over the world who might come and stay in your – now clutter-free – spare room.

renting out a room


Tips for using long term storage

For a smooth transition into your storage facility, and for peace of mind whilst your items are being stored, the following tips will ensure a positive long term storage experience:

  • Only store things you really need

Having a clear out will ensure you’re not renting a storage unit that’s bigger than you really need, keeping monthly costs down. Not only this, but any money you make via eBay or a yard sale could go to charity, your travel fund or redecorating your new home if you’ve downsized.

  • Keeping your self storage organised

Labelling boxes or using a numbering system will help you keep track of where your belongings are, and make it easier when you need to find something – this is particularly useful if you’re going to be leaving it for a long time and are likely to forget! Consider placing items you might need access to more often nearer the front of your storage unit. For more advice on preparing your long term storage unit, take a look at our guide to organising a self storage unit.

organising a storage unit

  • Choose a reputable storage company 

Coming back from travels abroad to find your beloved possessions have succumbed to damp conditions or have been otherwise damaged, is not the best welcome home. As such, shop around – read reviews and websites thoroughly to make sure you’re choosing a storage company you can trust.

  • Get help with your items

Some storage facilities offer a porter service, ensuring you don’t have to risk straining your back, and moving your possessions can be done with the utmost convenience. At Vanguard we’re always happy to assist with moving your items and getting them stored away safely.

  • Pack your belongings well 

Use bubble wrap to protect fragile items, and ensure everything is clean and dry before being put in your new storage unit. Try to use boxes or containers that will stack easily and securely.

With over 55 years of experience, Vanguard are the premier choice for self access storage in London, Manchester and Bristol. With a range of storage options available – from 10 sq ft up to 2,000 sq ft, we’ll be sure to have a storage unit to meet your exact requirements. For the utmost reliability our 24 hour CCTV, robust security and fire and burglar alarms ensure your items are in the best possible hands. Get in touch with our friendly team today to start planning your move to storage.