Vanguard promotes London’s biggest food redistribution charity

If you’ve recently travelled past the Vanguard tower on the A40, you may have spotted the newest addition to our roof. On Wednesday 6th January, we proudly hoisted a bright green Felix van onto the summit of our most famous building to promote our friends at the Felix Project and all the great work they do throughout London.

What is the Felix Project?

The Felix Project is London’s biggest food redistribution charity. The charity collects fresh, nutritious food that cannot be sold and redistributes it to the Londoners who need it most.

The Felix Project is playing a key role in helping Londoners through the COVID-19 crisis. Around half a million children are facing food poverty in London as cases of COVID soar to record highs. The Felix Project is leading the response, having delivered enough food for 21 million meals in 2020. They deliver food direct to emergency food hubs and work alongside a number of restaurants and charities to accelerate distribution.

Felix charity van

The Felix Project sustain their programme by collecting food that would otherwise go to waste. Our food industry generates almost 2 million tonnes of perfectly edible surplus food each year. By rescuing this food, cooking it into meals and redistributing it to the most vulnerable in our society, the Felix Project is tackling the growing UK hunger crisis and the UK food waste crisis in a single heroic campaign.

And it’s not just COVID that has sparked a hunger crisis. The UK has faced a growing food insecurity problem for years. The Felix Project was set up in 2016 to tackle this rising problem and aims to continue with their charitable work even after COVID has settled.

How is Vanguard helping food redistribution?

Vanguard Storage London Felix Charity

We’re promoting the great work carried out by the Felix Project and urging people to donate to the cause. In addition to adding a Felix van to the roof of Vanguard tower, we also erected two enormous electronic adverts at street level that explained to drivers and pedestrians what the charity does and appealed for continued support and funding from volunteers, food companies and corporate sponsors.

How the van helps

Vanguard tower is one of London’s most striking landmarks and is visible from the A40, one of the capital’s busiest roads. The eye-catching van, along with the electronic signs, were visible to millions of pedestrians and road users every day.

Our tower roof is not offered commercially; we reserve it only to commemorate and promote causes we believe are important. Other notable additions to our roof have included:

  • Edwin the Mark IV Tank
  • RAF Spitfire
  • Hawker Hunter
  • Blind Veterans UK Display
  • Dogs Trust Display

Read this article for more info on what Vanguard have had on the roof over the years.

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