Door to Door in Salford Via Vanguard

The range of services provided by the Vanguard Self Storage in Swinton is very much wider than simply providing storage space. A good example of this is the service we provide for the distribution of Thomson Local and BT Phone Books.

Over the course of a few weeks over a quarter of a million directories are distributed throughout Salford having been handled at the Vanguard Self Storage in Swinton. The directories arrive by truck, 7,500 are stacked to a pallet, these are unloaded by fork lift truck and stored for collection by local agents who deliver door to door throughout Salford.

The size and configuration of the storage space offered at Vanguard combined with the availability of fork truck services and staff makes Vanguard the ideal choice for logistics services. The Salford directory distribution commenced on Feb 25th and will conclude by March 15th, a throughput of over 15,000 directories per day. This is the third year that Vanguard have been appointed to provide this service.