Your Essential Home Clear-Out Guide

Stressful. Nostalgic. Therapeutic. Whatever your attitude towards a home clear-out, they’re an essential part of house ownership. Freeing rooms of unused, unnecessary junk will allow spaces to breathe once more and create a carefree vibe in your property.

clean and tidy home

Thorough clear-outs seem like a nightmarish prospect to many, but approaching the task logically can make a world of difference. In this handy guide we’ll cover: why you should have a clearout, how to get started, and how to disencumber key areas of your home.


Why should I have a home clear-out?

  • Makes you easy money 

Your throwaways could be someone else’s treasure. Flogging your unwanted items is a great way to make some money back on your items and reap rewards from your junk.

  • Give your home its shine back

When your home is obscured by mess and mayhem, it can be difficult for its good points to shine through. Clear-outs are a great way to give your home a little TLC, allowing its qualities to stand out.

  • Free yourself from ‘stuff’ 

With people dwelling in increasingly smaller homes, space-saving is vital to make the most of every square inch and create an impression of space. We have a guide on how to save space if you live in a small house.

  • Good for mental health and happiness 

The phrase ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ couldn’t be more true. Our environment affects our mental health and that of our family, so it’s important to keep your home tranquil and unburdened.


How do I get started with my home clear-out?

You’re motivated. You’re raring to go. But how do you start clearing out your home?

messy home

  • Make sure you have enough time

Being left with a half-tidy house is an annoyance that can be avoided by selecting a date when you’re sure to have enough time to complete the job.

  • Get together the right equipment

Bin bags will be your new best friend, and so cardboard boxes, packing tape and marker pens.

  • Lastly, and most importantly…

Prepare to be ruthless and realistic.


Freshen up & clear out your wardrobe

clearing out wardrobe

  • Remove everything and clean it from top to bottom.
  • Everyone makes a misguided purchase occasionally – so if any of your garments are committing fashion crimes, give them the boot.  
  • Ill-fitting or moth-eaten clothes are just occupying valuable space, so get rid.
  • Use any available floor space to store shoes and umbrellas – you could even hang a handy shoe bag over your door.
  • Establish a sense of order in your cleared-out closet. Pick a system that works for you, whether it’s arranging clothes by colour, garment type or occasion, and ensure everything has its own hanger.


How to sort out the kitchen

Wading through decades of appliances, cookware and knick-knacks may fill you with dread, but a clear, clean kitchen workspace will boost its safety, style and hygiene.

tidy kitchen cupboard

  • Remove all items from your kitchen, shelf by shelf, and give everything a good scrub.
  • Cull your kitchen of out-of-date produce and seldom-used condiments – have bin bags handy.
  • Identify and get rid of any unused small kitchen appliances, such as toastie-makers, blenders or microwaves – if they’ve been sitting neglected in the cupboard for years, they’re not likely to make an appearance any time soon.
  • Sort your recipe books and takeaway menus. If the dieting fad didn’t work out, there’s no point in keeping the accompanying book – chuck out anything that is attracting dust.
  • Keep on top of things in the future – try and throw them away as you go along, rather than allowing things to accumulate.


Clear out your bathroom medicines and toiletries

Are your medicines and toiletries:

  • Never used?
  • Out of date?
  • Empty?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, bin it!


Sort out your bookcase

You can never have too many books… right?

book sort out

Wrong. If your book piles are a landslide risk, it’s definitely time to be ruthless. Get rid of old-school textbooks, titles you’re never likely to read, and books you’ve read but aren’t sentimental about. Charity shops always welcome recipients of books, and using their services is a chance to do your bit for a good cause.


What do I do with all the stuff I’ve sorted out?

  • Store it

Often items have sentimental or seasonal value – meaning they are not useful to us all year round. Self-storage units are a simple, affordable way to stow away these items that don’t need to have permanent residence is your home, but that still shouldn’t be discarded completely.

  • Recycle it

Paper, cardboard and some plastic packaging can be recycled and have another chance at life. Recycle electronics using the proper avenues of WEEE recycling.

  • Sell it

Your throwaways can reap cash rewards if you make the effort to sell. Numerous websites are dedicated to easy selling, such as eBay and Gumtree.

  • Donate it

Charities are thankful for any generosity. Whether it’s books, clothes, appliances, or bric-a-brac, good causes will always be ready and waiting to take them from your hands.

  • Dispose of it:

If none of the above steps are practical options, there’s always the trusty bin available. Just watch out for hazardous or flammable items – they may require specialist disposal.


Vanguard is on hand to help with your clearout. Housed at our secure facilities across London, Manchester & Bristol; we offer self-storage units of any size that are accessible round-the-clock. All units are monitored 24/7 by our advanced security system and CCTV to ensure your peace of mind. Whether you’re storing furniture, family heirlooms or seasonal items, we have 55 years of experience in safely storing belongings for businesses and homes alike. Get in touch to discover more about our dependable service.