Five Facts You Did Not Know About Self Storage

Modern storages have been around for a couple of decades, and it is definitely a booming industry. Every booming business has its secrets, cheeky stories and trivia; some of them are interesting, some of them are surprising and some of them will make you chuckle.
We know you like lists so we have compiled a collection of fun self storage facts for you.


Fact 1: The concept of publicly used storage is at least twice as old as the Great Wall of China.

The earliest known ceramic figurines are dating back to 25000 BC. The earliest ceramic pot can be tied back to China and is roughly 20000 years old. You can put all kind of wonderful treasures in a pot. Let them be tools, nails, knives or arrows, the point is the same: you can store your belongings in them. We have historical evidence that suggests that publicly available storage was present in the ancient China, as many as six thousands years ago.


Fact 2: When it comes to hoarding, you have no chance at beating a US citizen.

The self storage business model we know today has emerged during the last six decades. It has began in the United States of America, and started developing in rest of the world twenty years later. While there is a little hoarder spirit in each of us, we certainly can`t beat the rather surprising number of storage facilities in the USA. While Australia has roughly 11000 storage facilities and, according to the 2014 FEDESSA report, Europe has 2400 storages (975 of them in the UK), there are more than 50 000 complexes operating in the United States. The sheer square footage is enough to put the City of London in storage. Twice!


Fact 3: Self storage is for everyone.

You are looking to store your wine at exactly 13°C (no more, no less)? No problem! You are into spy movies and want to store your Aston Martin DBS in a showroom with a biometric entry system that would make Q jealous? They have it for you. You want to send and receive your stored items by post? Of course there is a service for that. You wish for a friendly, professional service from a dashingly handsome crew? We are here for that!


Fact 4: Ten percent of all the rentable self storage space is located in London.

According to the FEDESSA report, ten percent of the estimated 75 million sq ft of total rentable storage space is located in London. So London is apparently not only the capital of life but the capital of self storage as well!


Fact 5: There is a self storage famous for displaying all kinds of items on their roof.

They have put a Mark IV tank, a Hawker Hunter and an artillery gun on their roof! And the Tardis. And Santa. Who would commit such things?
Oh! That would be us.