Five Spectacularly Silly Finds in Self Storage

When I first heard about self storage I thought it is all fluffy bunnies and bedside tables. We are hoarders by nature and as it turns out, people are willing to put just about anything in a storage unit. Amongst my favourites are two medieval swords (props for a movie by the looks of it), twenty scooters (none of them working), a collection of the creepiest album covers (oh, those 70`s!), a unit full of filmmakers (though they were pretty insistent they are only shooting a scene) and a single chair (sitting in the middle of a huge unit).

But what are the five weirdest things found in self storage units across the world?



Remember that cheeky series with the talking car and an almost disconcerting amount of chest hair? A copy of said talking car has been found sitting in a self storage unit.


Burt Reynold Relics

Oh yes, a framed letter of his surgery, a horse and carriage and a canoe from the movie “Deliverance”. You never know when it comes in handy, do you?


Discarded NASA equipment

Speaking of starts, the winner of a storage unit auction has found a NASA rocket and a countdown clock from a discarded project in the unit.


An explosive welcome

They say some streets are dangerous in America, but you would not normally expect to encounter a live hand grenade when you open a unit. Luckily the bomb squad tackled the danger.


A human leg

It has nothing to do with Edward Teach, more commonly known as Blackbeard, I am afraid. The leg belongs to plane crash survivor who has kept it in storage so it could be buried with him when he eventually died. He has completely forgot where he has stashed this unusual bounty though.