Space-tech on our rooftop

We are going green.

Men of scientific magnificence say if we took the solar energy absorbed by Earth`s atmosphere, land and oceans, we would be able to cover all our energy consumption eight thousand times.

The Sun is getting older and older, and by getting older, it also getting brighter (about 10 percent brighter every one billion years, but you have to appreciate what you get); so mathematically speaking it is a good investment. Also helps preserving Earth. Quite important as well. We only have one planet to live on.

Photovoltaic systems or commonly known as solar arrays are environmental-friendly, it is a clever way to harness the Sun`s power, and they look damn handsome in sunlight. If it is good enough for the International Space Station, it is good enough for us!

Going green at Westferry Road #savetheplanet #solar #goinggreen #storage #canarywharf

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