The perks of self storage in Chelsea

When you think of Chelsea, you think of chic. The famous London neighbourhood has in fact built a name for itself around the world, becoming one of the main tourist attractions of the city. But, as we stare in awe at the stunning townhouses, green spaces and riverside eateries, we forget that this is yet another neighbourhood in a city that is in constant development. So, space is in an ever-shortening supply. As the area is host to an array of businesses, prestigious schools and domestic developments, there is always need for self storage in Chelsea.

To help you understand whether you could also benefit from the perks of self storage, we have put together a guide on finding the perfect self storage in Chelsea, for domestic and commercial customers alike!

Who needs self storage in Chelsea

Our self storage units are perfect for an array of situations, from house moves to student summer storage, or keeping family heirlooms and collectibles safe and sound. With both long-term storage and short-term storage solutions available, we cater to the Chelsea area offering unparalleled service and a smooth experience for all our customers.

As briefly mentioned, Chelsea is one of the most coveted areas in London but, despite being home to the UK’s most expensive real estate street – Tite Street – Chelsea homes are no exception when it comes to lack of space. At Vanguard, we offer storage units for both business and personal customers. You can discover more about each below to understand what the best self storage solution is for your needs.

Chelsea storage units for businesses

Whether you need to store stock or files or you’re looking for temporary storage while moving premises or refurbishing your office, Vanguard provides storage solutions to solve all these problems. We know businesses need the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements, so our business storage units come in a variety of sizes. And, by allowing you to always change unit sizes if necessary, Vanguard can adapt to your business needs, always exceeding expectations.

Whether you’re a sole trader, a SME or a large multi-national organisation based in Chelsea, we have the storage solution for you.  Contact our friendly team today to find out more about the solutions we can offer you for commercial storage in Chelsea, Kensington and any of the surrounding areas.

Chelsea storage units for students

Between terms at university, you will need to figure out what to do with your belongings until next semester. Particularly if you’re an international student, having to travel with all your belongings (or ship them back and forth) might be a costly and stressful option. That’s where student self storage comes into play, allowing you to keep all your belongings safe until you’re ready to move back into your student accommodation.

Our secure student storage units are ideal for storing and protecting your belongings, and our storage lockers are a popular option, offering 10 square ft at a great price. Should you need any help to you transport your belongings, we offer a Man and Van service to take everything from your place to a secure unit in our Chelsea branch.

Chelsea storage units for domestic customers

At Vanguard Self Storage, you can store your treasured belongings safely and securely if you simply don’t have space at home.

With a range of flexible domestic self storage solutions available – from small 10 sq ft lockers, suitable for the odd box or two, to large 150 sq ft units suitable for the entire contents of a three-bedroom house – we can help you keep all your belongings safely stored away.

With flexible access to your belongings available, robust security and clean, welcoming facilities, there’s no company better suited to store your belongings for moving house than Vanguard Self Storage. And you can also use our secure storage unit to store your furniture and electrical appliances.

Why choose Vanguard self storage in Chelsea?

Our highly secure Chelsea self storage units, on Arneway Street, are the first choice for personal self storage in Chelsea.

Many of our clients live or work in Chelsea, taking advantage of our state-of-the-art facility in neighbouring Victoria. Our free porter service, trolleys and packing supplies are available for all Chelsea storage client, just ask a staff member. And with our man and van service, we can take you, your boxes and belongings from door to door quickly and easily. The drive from our facility to Chelsea Old Town Hall is only 10 to 15 minutes.

Self-storage is particularly useful thanks to the flexibility of contracts. If you’re in the middle of renovations or a house move, you can leave your belongings in a safe unit until you’re ready to move everything back in. Check out our guide on choosing the right packing materials for a house move for more tips on that.

Vanguard’s superior storage service has evolved since 1964, but it’s still a family business concentrated on delivering exceptional service from end to end. When you use our Chelsea storage units you can expect top-of-the-line security, thoroughly trained, helpful staff and friendly customer service.

We work constantly to improve our processes and expand our business, with more facilities coming soon!