What not to put in self-storage

Whether you’re storing those priceless family heirlooms, or running a stockroom for your business – self storage units are a cheap, easy way to free up space at your premises. Whilst self storage units are secure, controlled environments to store belongings, there are certain items that are not suited. So, what can’t you put in self-storage?

What shouldn’t you put in self-storage?

1) Tyres

tyres in storage

As a prohibited item, tyres are not an immediately obvious one. However, if tyres are left in self-storage units for long periods of time then they require expensive disposal which can pack a punch on your wallet – or that of your storage company, should the tyres be abandoned. For this reason, tyres are generally not permitted in storage.


2) Combustible or Flammable Materials

fuel canister storage

Health and safety is paramount in any storage unit. Therefore, storing materials that have the potential to catch fire is a danger that most storage companies will not risk. Items include propane, fuels, explosives, compressed gases, and fireworks. Ensure any fuel-containing machines are drained before storage.


3) Hazardous Materials or Chemicals

chemicals in storage

Any chemicals that pose a risk to health or the environment should never be unattended for long periods of time. That is why hazardous chemicals are unsuited for self-storage units. Examples include: asbestos, corrosives, acids, and fertilisers. Please check with your chosen storage company for a full list.


4) Perishable Foods 

food storage

Placing edible items in self storage can lead to rotting food and the attraction of pests. Canned foods are the exception, as they have both a long shelf life and are protected against pests by thick metal.


5) Dirty Items 

dirty stored objects

If objects are dirty when they enter a unit, their condition will only worsen over time. This will not only spoil the quality of the item itself but may cause damage to surrounding items.  


6) Live Plants

dying flowers

The chances are any live plants won’t be live when you retrieve them – this is due to lack of sunlight and regular watering, which will cause plants to wilt and die, thus attracting pests and vermin to the unit.


7) Cash

cash storage unit

The round-the-clock security and CCTV of Vanguard’s storage units means that you can be confident in the safety of the belongings that you leave with us. However, we would still strongly advise against storing cash in a storage unit, and would suggest opting for a bank, safe or security deposit box instead.


8) Humans/animals 

dog in storage

This goes without saying. If you don’t want to end up on Crimewatch, please avoid storing humans or animals (alive or dead) in self-storage units.


What else can’t you use a self-storage unit for?

Making the most of a self-storage space can sometimes go too far. For example, we cannot permit anyone to live or work in our units – their purpose should solely be for storage and no other activities.


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